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Wondering if you'll be able to work from home or watch streaming video without paying a crazy price at your new address? It's very simple, just enter your postal code and we'll take care of the rest!

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Internet Score

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The PlanHub Internet Score is a measure of the quality of the internet in your neighborhood. No need to do any research to see if a particular provider seems to be offering good prices in a particular location: trust PlanHub's score.

The most important factors are taken into account: the average price, the number of suppliers and even the type of technology available. Thanks to the postal code, a score is generated for a precise location.

The rating goes from 0 to 100, the closer the rating is to 100 the more you are in an area with very good Internet coverage, on the contrary the closer the rating is to 0 , more the speed will be reduced, or the prices may turn out to be high.

The score is based on three categories of data: the type of technology, the average price of plans and the number of providers available.

Tehcnology : The technology type refers to the connection speed and the maximum speed available at the chosen area. The higher the internet speed, the better the technology at this address.

Price : Average Price allows you to compare the average of the best prices available at one address with that of the rest of Canada. The lower the average price, the better your chances of finding an affordable plan.

Competition : The number of suppliers helps to know if there is healthy competition and a varied selection of packages for the specific address. The higher the number of providers, the higher your chances of finding a plan that meets your needs.

Each category is taken into account during the calculation.

PlanHub's internet score tells you at a glance if your chances of finding an affordable, high-performing plan are high.

All you need to do is enter your postal code and we will calculate the score for you!

If a "?" displayed instead of a number is that we do not yet have enough data to calculate the internet score for your location.

Does the score not seem close to reality to you? Let us know by clicking the “no” button and telling us why the score is wrong so we can improve it.

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56 Reviews

Diane Mallette

2 months ago

Easy to shop, I used to go to Carrefour Laval and find out about the different plans. I took notes, it was laborious. Now with one click I find according to my needs.

David Bergeron

4 months ago

Really quick look of all plans prices

Bernard Lapierre

2 months ago

Fast, efficient, comprehensive and free!

Marie Plante

3 months ago

The information is relevant and clear. No unwanted emails. Thank you !

Jordan Ravenna

4 months ago

Super comparison tool, quick and easy to compare great plans!

Zazoo Me

4 months ago

The best place to find the best deals. Fantastic shopping tool without having to move. I love it !

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