List of cities by Province in Canada

With ten provinces spread over more than 10 million square kilometers, Canada has a vast territory. This is also the case when it comes to internet providers, the number of which is considerable and the choice can be complex, to find the best plan.

On the other hand, many Canadians, living in rural areas, feel that there are only one or two home Internet options.

At PlanHub we help you find all the Internet plans specific to your location.

This list of cities by province in Canada will help you learn more about the home internet offers in your area. From the cheapest plans to the fastest plans we compare for you all the offers available in your area.

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CRTC lowers wholesale rates by 10% and launches a consultation on telecom competition in Canada.

March 8, 2023

The CRTC is wiping the slate clean on the wholesale price increases imposed in 2022 and acknowledging its mistakes. Is this decision too late? This is a real thunderclap that could shake up Canadian Internet service providers. While the CRTC had proceeded to an increase in wholesale rates in 2022, i.e. the price charged by …