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Over 25 years

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British Columbia and Northern Ontario


For more than 25 years, Galaxy has been the provider of satellite Internet services to residential, small and large businesses and governments in remote locations with no fiber or cell coverage.

Galaxy is a company that delivers creative and effective communications solutions. They value respect, innovation, passion and integrity.


    Galaxy Satellite Internet

  • Following the installation of a Galaxy satellite dish, you will be able to send requests such as emails and browser searches directly from your computer, which is transmitted by the Galaxy dish to our Network Operations Center (NOC).
  • The real “Galaxy” difference takes place when the Galaxy NOC contacts the website through the Internet. Their unique network will prioritize your request and through our Quality of Service (QoS),they deliver it more consistently and efficiently.
  • The Website sends the information back to the Galaxy NOC and then beams the information back through the same path to your computer.