Internet Atlantic: Simplicity meets Value with Exceptional Service

Internet Atlantic is a Canadian company, offering internet, television, and digital phone service in over 900 markets in Ontario, Nova Scotia, British Columbia, and Alberta. The company's goal is to bring reliable high speeds, and sustainable low pricing while making everything as easy as possible for the end user. According to Internet Atlantic, they are “East Coast friendly and ‘Canadian’ nice.” A great choice, especially if you are looking to set and forget it. 

Make sure to use code: PLANHUB at checkout for the discounted prices listed below.

Internet Atlantic

Why choose Internet Atlantic ?

There are currently up to 5 internet plans available, depending on the market. Ranging in price from $33.96 to $101.96, you can choose from Lite, Good Enough, Family Plan, High Roller, and Rock Star options. All internet plans include unlimited data, no hidden fees, no start-up cost, and no contract.

Make sure to use code: PLANHUB at checkout for the discounted prices listed below.

Which Canadian Cities are Covered by Internet Atlantic ?

Internet Atlantic home internet plans are available in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and Nova Scotia. To check eligibility at your address, visit Internet Atlantic’s website, enter your address, and click on Check now. Use the promotional code PLANHUB at checkout for the best rates.

How Internet Atlantic Compares to your Actual Internet Connexion?

You want to evaluate the speed of your internet connection and know what would be the ideal internet plan? Click on the Go button below and try our internet speed test! To learn more, visit the page dedicated to our speed test.

All about Internet Atlantic

Internet Atlantic has a substantial network in Canada and supplies a large customer base nationwide. Soon, we will be publishing detailed information about the company's history.