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Allo Telecom TV provides Canadians with both popular American channels and popular French-speaking networks. Since they also provide internet and home phone services, we'd suggest looking into one of the Allo Telecom TV packages. These promotions offer internet, TV, and phone access at a reduced price. If you're looking for a company that offers assorted telecom services, consider one of Allo Telecom TV's bundles.

Allo Telecom

Allo Telecom TV Plans

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The Base

30 basic channels
HD recorder

The Maximum

60 basic channels
HD recorder

Average Bilingual

15 basic channels
HD recorder

Entry Level Basic TV Package

21 basic channels
HD recorder


2 premium channels
HD recorder

Basic TV Package

53 basic channels
HD recorder

Family Package

9 basic channels

Hobbies Package

9 basic channels

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Allo Telecom Technology

Want to find a provider that offers Satellite TV, or experience the speeds of fibre optic technology? Check out the list below of Allo Telecom Technology available from this provider.

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